Kodiak Catch Wild Salmon are brought to you by a group of longtime salmon fishermen and their families. For over thirty years we have fished for wild salmon in the pristine waters of the Kodiak Archipelago. We now bring to you, our customers, the opportunity to enjoy our fresh harvested catch. We guarantee healthy, natural and delicious wild salmon. We sell large and small quantities.

Lacey Berns sells her Kodiak Catch primarily in Humboldt County, California. You can find her wild salmon at the North Coast Grower's Association Farmer's Markets between April and November each year.

CONTACT LACEY: 707-839-8009, kodiakcatch24@gmail.com

Born to be Wild!

Kodiak Salmon are free to roam the icy waters of the North Pacific, feeding on their natural diet of shrimp, herring and other marine life. Here, in the open waters surrounding Kodiak Island, the salmon swim freely as nature intended, growing to maturity and gathering energy before they begin their remarkable journey back to Kodiak Island's many streams and rivers.

Quality Comes First

Kodiak Catch fishermen take pride in their catch. Our salmon are carefully handled, iced and chilled, and shipped to market under the most stringent quality standards. Only those fish that meet these standards are good enough to be called Kodiak Salmon, and insures that the best fish make it from the ocean to your table.

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