About Us

Our relationship with the sea started more than 30 years ago and now extends into two generations that includes our five children: Hunter, Leslie, Ria, Edin and Galen.

In the pristine waters of the Kodiak Archipelago in a Marine Stewardship Council sustainable-certified fishery, we harvest five species of wild salmon during the months of June through September—including Chinook, coho, sockeye, pink and chum. Chilling the salmon immediately in 33-degree water, our salmon is guaranteed flavorful and nutritious.

Creating an unparalleled way of life, fishing for Kodiak salmon brings together beauty, tradition and camaraderie. We are proud of our way of life, and of our naturally healthy product—100% Wild Alaskan Salmon, naturally flavorful, freely roaming the waters of the North Pacific. Enjoy!

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