Creamy Mushroom Alaska Salmon Bake

Serves: 4

Prep Time: 15

1 can (10.75 oz.) condensed cream of mushroom soup

1/2 cup skim milk

1 teaspoon dried chopped onion

1/4 teaspoon each tarragon and garlic powder

4 Alaska Salmon steaks or fillets (4 to 6 oz. each), fresh, thawed or frozen

1 bag (1 lb.) frozen chopped broccoli

4 pieces parchment paper or aluminum foil (12 x 14-inches each)

Blend soup, milk, onion, tarragon, and garlic powder in small bowl; set aside.

Rinse any ice glaze from frozen Alaska Salmon under cold water; pat dry with paper towel.

Place about 1 cup of broccoli in the center of each piece of parchment paper; top with salmon portion and about 1/2 cup of soup mixture. Pull shortest sides of parchment paper together, folding over several times to seal; twist ends to completely close package.

Microwave on medium power, rearranging packages during cooking if needed, for 10 to 15 minutes for frozen salmon OR 8 to 10 minutes for fresh/thawed fish. Cook just until fish is opaque throughout.

Oven Variation: Seal broccoli, salmon, and soup mixture in aluminum foil packets as directed above. Bake at 400ºF for 30 to 35 minutes for frozen salmon OR 20 to 25 minutes for fresh/thawed fish.

Nutrients per serving: 325 calories, 13g total fat, 3g saturated fat, 35% calories from fat, 127mg cholesterol, 40g protein, 13g carbohydrate, 4g fiber, 656mg sodium, 135mg calcium and 1.3g omega-3 fatty acids.

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